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29 May 2023

James Delancey and the decline of Slavery in Nova Scotia

2 May 2023

Resistance to Slavery in Nova Scotia

2 May 2023

The Immigration of Enslaved People to Nova Scotia Until 1783

26 April 2023

African Glory

19 April 2023

Enslavement and Salvation at Queens’ College

12 April 2023

The History of Slavery in Nova Scotia

9 March 2023

Universities Studying Slavery 2023 Conference

5 March 2023

Black History in Canada: Education Guide

1 March 2023

Historical Lives of African Canadian Children

1 March 2023

St. Catharines Black Beauty Contest, 1928

1 March 2023

The Black Church in Canada

1 March 2023

No. 2 Construction Battalion, C. E. F.

1 March 2023

Black Barbers and Barbershops

1 March 2023

Black Protest and Activism in Early Hamilton, Ontario

1 March 2023

Portia White: A Vibrant Presence

23 January 2023

Screening and Panel Discussion – Portia White: A Vibrant Presence

Join us as we celebrate the life and legacy of Nova Scotian native and world renowned contralto, Portia White.
10 November 2022

Celebrating Black Musics & Histories in Unama’ki

Join the Centre for Sound Communities for this fascinating program on Wednesday, Nov. 16 and Thursday, Nov. 17, 2022 — workshop, talks, symposium & concert — […]
8 June 2022

Past/Future: African Canadian History, Arts and Culture in STEM Education

You are invited to a symposium of action and possibilities that will take place at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada from 26 to 28 July 2022.
7 June 2022

No. 2 Construction Battalion – National Apology Event

The Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia in collaboration with the Department of National Defence held a ceremony in Honour and Remembrance of No. 2 Construction Battalion on July 9, 2022.